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MilesWeb Affiliate Marketing for Influencers: How to Make Money on Instagram

Influencers have become a crucial element in marketing. If we talk about their market growth this industry’s reach will be $16.4 billion by 2022 end. Thus, different companies prefer influencer marketing to convey their brand message and generate customers. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others are social media platforms where influencers promote products and services. Almost 90% of influencer campaigns target Instagram in their marketing mix.

Thus, it is a good marketing platform for influencing shoppers. Affiliate marketing programs are also good, if they want to multiply their earnings. However, pick the web hosting industry or related companies as their demand is higher in the market. The best hosting for affiliate marketing is MilesWeb.

They are a leading web hosting provider across the globe offers different hosting services like shared, VPS, dedicated, cloud, and others. To maximize your revenue, you can join their affiliate marketing program and tap the potential of referring. If you are an influencer and looking to make money from Instagram, MilesWeb gives you an opportunity. Read this guide and join their affiliate program to generate additional income in your bank account.

What is MilesWeb’s Affiliate Marketing for Influencers?

MilesWeb’s affiliate marketing program for an influencer is a commission-based program where influencers are affiliates. As an affiliate, they will promote hosting services offered by MilesWeb and get top-class commissions per sale. To get this commission, influencers have to use trackable links (known as affiliate links). To get this affiliate link, influencers have to sign up for an affiliate program.

How does it Work on Instagram?

Have you seen influencers speaking about promo codes or “click this link” to purchase products or services? It is a form of affiliate marketing. If customers purchase any products or services through that link, influencers get a commission. It is the most reliable measure to earn from referrals using an affiliate link.

Most companies have affiliate dashboards to monitor sales, clicks and pay dues. Once the sales are done, affiliates get commissions directly into their bank account or PayPal account.

How Does Affiliate Commission Payment Structure Work?

If we talk about MilesWeb, its affiliate commission payment structure works per signup. For one to five signup per month get Rs. 1000 per sale. Their highest commission of Rs.5000 per sale is for more than 21+ signups. For beginners, it might look like a ‘to-get rich’ scheme, but required some sort of patience also if they want to be successful.

If you are an Instagram influencer with lakhs or millions of followers, the chances are higher to get more commission. You will have different people from multiple industry segments. If there are any IT professionals, individual bloggers, or web developers on your followers’ list, refer them MilesWeb’s hosting services and earn a good payout. It will be a win-win situation for both of you because you are getting a good commission and they are getting a reliable web hosting infrastructure to build their online presence.

Ways to Promote Services and Earn money on Instagram

1. Cross-Selling

Influencers are sometimes brand owners also. If they are selling any product or services, they can add the MilesWeb brand name also. This cross-selling activity is beneficial because at once influencers are selling two brands. One is their self-brand and the next one is MilesWeb. Rebranding is required to make this task more efficient.

Also, which medium would you prefer to cross-sell products or services? Whether it is video or audio? Determine the right marketing medium. For instance, if you are promoting MilesWeb’s hosting services through videos, mention the brand name in your video and use the affiliate link in the post description. Viewers will watch your video and purchase services from links and in this manner, you will complete one sale and get its commission.

2. Post Engaging Content

It could be photos or written texts (only in Instagram stories) that grab your followers’ attention. Add affiliate links in such posts and use CTA elements. By using CTA elements, you are making viewers click the link and it will generate leads. If you promote them well, you can close one sale and get its commission.

Ensure no grammar errors in the content (if you are writing descriptive posts). For image posts, it is recommended to make most of the graphics.

3. Share Recommendations

If someone from your followers’ list in past has used MilesWeb’s hosting services, share their testimonials through Instagram posts. Post their image and write their quotations about experiences.

Final Thoughts

Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms that create opportunities for affiliates to generate more income. Affiliates can join MilesWeb’s affiliate program and use Instagram to get more money. Many companies and individuals have their presence on this social media platform. So, it could be a good way to draw sales from it.

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