What is Technical Search Engine Optimization(SEO)?

Process of taking actions you can take outside your website and developing good relationships with other webmasters. Technical SEO includes acquiring inbound links, engaging in social media and writing worth like content.

It focuses on how well search engine spiders can crawl your site & index your content. It helps in proper SEO foundation. Your website should support on-page SEO recommendations. Content might be undiscovered without the proper foundation.                                                                                                                             

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Elements of Technical SEO

XML vs HTML Sitemaps

  • Sitemaps point search engines to pages on your site
  • Helps ensure pages aren’t missed by crawlers
  • HTML sitemaps are easy to read & understanding
  • XML sitemaps are created for search engines

XML Sitemaps

  • A file intended to be read by search engine robots
  • Includes behind the scenes activity of a web page
  • Can include  information about each URL
  • provides search engines with extra data about a page
  • When the page was last updated 
  • How often page changes  
  • Page importance in relation to other pages on your site
  • lets search Engine: bate analyze content more logically
  • Extra useful for new, undiscovered sites
  • May take a while for new Sites to be discovered
  • By uploading your site map to Google or Bing
  • Able to inform search engines about this new website & pages

HTML Sitemap

  • Simple page containing links to pages within a site
  • Can be considered as a general overview
  • It’s likely to find the page of interest on the sitemap page
  • Smaller sites generally have a one-page HTML sitemap
  • Larger sites generally split/categories their HTML sitemap content
  • To better organize their website content
  • Website should have both an HTML & XML sitemap

XML sitemap creation tools

  • One option is –
  • Lets you create free sitemap, up to 500 pages
  • The prefferes method is to use a crawling tool-screaming frog

The robots.txt file protocol

  • Protocol created in the early days of internet to prevent bots from crawling areas they weren’t supposed to access. Today it’s referred to as robots.txt
  • Robots.txt files tell bots what to crawl & what not to
  • Robots can ignore information in this file
  • Search engines tend to respect this file
  • Directions will  be ignored if file is not in root of your host

HTTP Response Status Code

Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP  helps search engines & developers identify page loading problems. Codes are returned when a user requests to view a page on a web server. If the web server is unable to return that page, it will return a three-digit code.

Two main groups of codes

  1. Starting with 4 and followed by two number (Ex – 404)
  2. Starting with 5 followed by 2 number (Ex – 200)

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